About Mason


Hey, how’s it going?

I’m Mason, and this is my blog.

I create video games and I’m a game developer. I own and operate a studio in Seattle, Washington. And no, it’s not Warner Brothers games division or Big Fish. I know the people that work there, and they are an awesome bunch of people, but that’s not my studio.

My studio is called Minnow Forge (thus the URL for my blog), and we’re set up in a little town on the Olympic Peninsula. I actually live on the other side of the peninsula, so I take the ferry over to work every day.

Why do I have the studio so far from where I live?

It’s a long story. When you have three days, I’ll tell you. But I can summarize in a few words: wife, house, wife, house.

I’m actually from southern California. I started my game development career as a fine artist at Cal State Long Beach. Studied fine art there and came out with a couple of degrees. Did the grunt artist work for a while to pay the bills—I was a caricature artist on Santa Monica Pier for a while (wow—totally hated that! I’m an introvert and had to deal with people ALL day. That totally sucked the life out of me. I will NEVER do that again, even if I’m starving!) and did a couple of other stints like that on boardwalks and other piers in the area.

In school I had met some guys who were colorists for some local southern-Cal comic publishers. What they did really intrigued me, and when I tried my hand at that eventually, I liked it. One of the guys threw some overflow work my way once, and I did it, and the studio was pleased. It ended up giving me a bunch of freelance work and then hired me.

I worked as a colorist for a few years and developed a name for myself. I got gigs with Marvel and DC Comics and got job offers in Tampa, Florida, and Houston, Texas.

By that time, though, I was looking at coloring as kind of a dead-end job. I mean, even though I was enjoying it, I could see how I would get bored with it if that’s all I was doing. So I didn’t take any of the job offers and instead started exploring some other options that had come up for me.

One of those options was doing coloring for a game developer. That would be a much more involved kind of process, I knew. I also knew that it would make me grow as a professional artist and most likely have layers of challenge to it that the comic coloring did not have.

So I went down that road, got into it up to my neck, decided to open my own studio, moved to Seattle, established the studio, and the rest is history.

So this blog is about gaming and game development and the world of video games.

I’m glad you found me and I hope you stick around! There’s lots of stuff here to read, and if you care to comment on any of it, I’ll respond. I like conversation with my readers.

Out for now!