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Xen’s Flight

Another sweet story from my head, written during lunchtime at my game development studio. . . .

He gazed out the small porthole window, watching as the sun rose over the Atlantic Ocean, a silent farewell echoing around the blank space in his head. He knew he’d never rest his eyes upon this little blue …

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The Cave Man

Hey guys! I’m back yet again. With another story created during my insomniac hours last night.


The Cave Man sat, on his butt, legs spread in front of him, fire roaring, watching the fish he had just caught roasting over the flames. He didn’t know what he’d ever do without his precious fire.

He …

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Rob and 47 Cars

As you know I like to write short stories, check out my latest. Here’s one I wrote last night to avoid dealing with an issue that has cropped up in the current game my studio is developing. Yeah, sometimes I’m an avoider. . . . lol

Rob was a tow truck driver.


Now he …

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