Mason’s Privacy Info

You’re the top 10 rules and privacy information regarding the site:

  1. You were here due to your own free will. That means that you can come and go as you please. you’re not required to remain on the site and you can always use the back button to leave.
  2. From time to time I may post something that you feel is uncomfortable. You may find information offensive. I will not be held liable for offending you.
  3. I sometimes use off color remarks in order to describe situation. If this offend you, I would ask you leave.
  4. Some content I post on the site is fictional. That means it is made up and it is not true. should  You choose to believe it, that is up to you.
  5. You can contact me by using the contact form or email address that I have listed on the contact page.
  6. You may find affiliate offers on this site.
  7. You may find it embedded YouTube videos.
  8. All of the content and Photos that are used haven’t collected by legal and ethical procedures.
  9. All of the photos or from the public domain.
  10. All of the content belongs to me. You may not reproduce this content or publish it in any form any where else.

Now that we have a clear, I invite you to enjoy the site.