Rob and 47 Cars

As you know I like to write short stories, check out my latest. Here’s one I wrote last night to avoid dealing with an issue that has cropped up in the current game my studio is developing. Yeah, sometimes I’m an avoider. . . . lol

tow truck story

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Rob was a tow truck driver.


Now he sat in prison. What did he do? Not much. He only stole 47 cars. Forty seven.

How does somebody even steal 47 cars? I guess he found a way, because that man is in jail. The slammer. Doing time. Hard time.

He’s doing real hard time.

He spends most of his time playing pool or exercising. There’s not much else to do in prison. In the slammer. While doing hard time.

Hard time.

Rob was a good guy. He was a good kid too. I remember, he used to sing the best songs. He played guitar too. And while he sang and played guitar, he played the steel drums with his feet. And while he did all that, at the same time, he got all the ladies. I mean, all the ladies.

But Rob didn’t seem to be in it for the ladies. No, I think he just liked making nice music. You never know how they’ll turn out right?

I was surprised when he chose the towing company as his career path. Ask anybody, and they’d tell you Rob was going to be the finest singer/guitar player/steel drum player there ever was.

But look at him now.

An ex-tow driver, sitting in prison, playing pool and exercising.

His father always wanted him to take over the farm when he died. But Rob was never really into the farm life.

The drugs, alcohol, and violence of the farming business just didn’t suit Rob. So he left to be a tow truck driver. Strange how these things happen right? Such a waste of talent. I guess there’s a certain responsibility when it comes to talent. You have to use it. You have to pursue it.

You can’t just throw away this gift you were blessed with. It’s just not fair to all the other non-singer/guitar player/steel drum players. Just not fair. What a shame.

No one knows what Rob did with those 47 cars. But rumor has it, if you go out into the middle of the Geeing Field, right off of Geeing Rd., you’ll see a tree.

It’s important that you don’t look at the tree. Except the one time when you first saw it. You can look at it that time. But just the once.

Anyway, rumor has it, if you go to Geeing field, past the tree, the one you’re not supposed to look at, the one you can look at once but no more than that, you’ll find a blue flashlight.

It’s not dark blue, but it’s not baby blue. It’s sort of in between. It’s a nice blue. I like it, personally.

Rumor has it, if you flash the light, 47 times, while screaming at the top of your lungs, for 47 minutes, one flash each minute, constantly screaming, the ghost of all the cars Rob stole will come out of their graves and dance.

Not anything fancy, just a jig they rehearsed a few times.

Thanks for reading! I have to go.


The Cave Man

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