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That Time I Was Sued. . . .

Some of my blogs are not about the world of game development. Sometimes I use my blog site to just vent about other life situations or to process situations that I’m in the middle of. Any reader who decides to read these particular blogs is just getting a window into my personal life, lol.

I should probably not post these and instead just delete them, but hey, what would be the fun of that?

So I actually got involved in a lawsuit. Well, I should say I was sued, and that’s how I got involved in the lawsuit.

I don’t want to go into the details because the details of it just make me really pissed off, but in the process of being sued and knowing that I had to respond, I realized I had to find a law firm and a lawyer to represent me.

I googled best law firms and law firms near me to have as a starting point in my search for the right person to represent me.

I was actually amazed at how many law firms are right here in the Seattle area. I found law firms with practice areas ranging from international estate planning to international probate to international wealth management to corporate law to personal injury law to German law and American law and everything else in between.

I was able to weed out areas like personal injury settlement and personal injury claim and personal injury calculator and personal injury insurance and stuff like that.

I didn’t need any of that.

Well, I should say I didn’t think so. But I just surprised at how many law firms were in the area and then when I was looking at law firms, I was surprised at the extent of services that law firms provide.

I was able to find an attorney to represent me and had several meetings to discuss my situation.

I was very pleased with the firm that I found to represent me. They were able to handle my case with expediency and professionalism. We actually were able to get the whole lawsuit mess resolved in fairly short order.

I guess that’s short order in law speak. It still took about four months to get everything all hammered out and settled, but apparently that is not a long time in the world of lawsuits and legal matters.

So that got all taken care of and I can move on from that. I’m very grateful for that because while that whole situation was going on, it was all I could think about.

I felt like my work suffered during the time that the legal situation was at play and my attention on our work product and my ability to relate well with my employees was compromised.

That made me disappointed with myself and I felt bad for my employees. It also made me even more upset at the person that was suing me.

Anyway, I managed to hold it all together and with the help of this incredible law firm and my amazing attorney, I got that situation behind me.


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